I have a dream
Building a community of lighted souls living in harmony with Planet Earth.


So here we are in 2013. Who would have thunk it??

We are finally on our way. The energies have changed since the end of 2012 and I feel that the time is now right for us to start manifesting these communities. In the early part of my journey I met a lovely lady Carol Shantal at a community workshop. When discussing our goals she informed me that she and her partner Doone already had the land to create a community and were just waiting for the right people. Since then we have each been on our own journeys crossing paths occasionally and generally just learning more about the process of creating community.

Late last year my husband Dean and I decided to commit to the co-operative village that they are starting in Northern NSW. Bindarrabi is a beautiful 800 acre property which is surrounded on 3 sides by National Park and on the 4th side by a 100' gorge.It is just under an hours drive from Boonah or Woodenbong at Koreelah National Park. There is an abundance of fresh water and wonderful creeks and waterfalls. It is currently going through the process of getting council approval for 21 homesites. The blocks (roughly 2 acres) will cost $65,000 each with $40,000 going towards land cost and the other $25,000 being for infrastructure (community building, roadways etc). We have a camping area where we have built a covered camp kitchen. We also have toilets and solar hot water showers (quite a luxury). We welcome visits from interested parties who may consider this lifestyle or for those that would just like to visit occasionally we have set up "friends of Bindarrabi" which enables people to come and experience this beautiful place.

 To find out more about Bindarrabi please click on the following link.

Heaven on Earth


Well here we are almost at the end of 2010. Wow where is the time going?

I thought it was about time I updated my website and brought it up to date with what has been happening over the last two and a half years since I first wrote it.

What a journey it has been. Many people have read my website and made contact with me expressing their interest in community living. I have travelled down many roads with many people during that time. I have met some truly wonderful people also whom I would be more than happy to commune with. I did find a few other groups with similar aspirations and even people with mostly suitable land but at this point in time, my goal has not become manifest.

There are many reasons for that but the main one which is glaringly obvious to me now is that most people aren't ready. Not ready to move from the cities and suburbs, not ready to change their lifestyle so dramatically, not ready to give up their jobs and definitely not ready to part with their hard- earned funds to make it a reality.

I can completely understand that, because when we look around at the world of today, it is all but impossible to imagine a world free of pain, poverty and lack and full of love peace and compassion. It is difficult for us to believe that at some point in time money may be worthless and our plans for retirement maybe pointless. Until these changes become obvious to all however, people will continue to work, save,and invest until they have saved enough for their future (however much that is).  I totally understand and respect each individual's choices in life and know that everyone is exactly where they are meant to be in their life.

When I started this leg of my journey in 2008, I guess part of my inspiration was the  urgency I felt about making it all happen quickly. A big part of that, I now realise, was based in my own fear of earth changes and increased natural disasters. I felt we needed to build these communities to be safe from impending disasters and the repercussions of those. I also felt that we needed to escape the ridiculous rules and regulations and false power that the councils and governments wield over us. At that time I was in the late stage of a period in my spiritual growth that I now refer to as.............

"the truth will set you free - but it will piss you off first".

This is the stage for most people when they become more aware of what has really been going on on this planet and the domination that has been dictating our own lives to us. Whether those realisations are about global warming, corruption in councils, governments, banks, religions, education, legal systems, pharmaceutical industries and media or just a general beginning of seeing through the lies that are presented to us as truth in all areas of our lives, it is an important part of the journey. We must recognise the illusion before we can dismantle it. There are many truth bringers who have been bringing this information to us for years now. David Icke, has been teaching this stuff for decades.

I have to say that I am now at peace with everything that is going on and also with where I am. I know that I will be in exactly the right place if and when something does happen. It cannot be otherwise. There are no accidents and I have no fear. I know that lessons are being learned by all of us on this beautiful planet. I know that Mother Earth will make her changes as she has to and the outcome of that will be what has been divinely chosen by each and every one of us to experience and learn what we need to.

I have decided that the community I desire with all of my heart to live in, will manifest when the time is right. At that time, I know it will be easy - the right people will arrive along with the land and the funds (if needed) and hopefully after first contact so we have access to the new technologies. I know as I picture this beautiful peaceful way of life and put my energy towards it that it is manifesting somewhere and when the right divine time arrives, it will be.

Until that time I will continue to visualise that beautiful place and help it to manifest. With the help of many truly enlightened people on our planet like Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther, Gregg Braden and Dolores Cannon, just to name a few of my favourites, we will finally wake up the sleeping on this planet and then we will be living in heaven on earth. Please check the links page which I have also updated. There is some fantastic viewing and reading there. Enjoy.

I send love and blessings to all who read this. Thank you. Kathy