I have a dream
Building a community of lighted souls living in harmony with Planet Earth.
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Do you ever feel the urge to scream


Are you sick and tired of all the financial pressure?
Do you dream of a life of peace and happiness?
Do you want to offer your children some real hope in this crazy world?
If you could live in a beautiful community
in the home of your dreams,
with no financial pressures,
in harmony with the earth and your neighbours, 
and do whatever makes your heart sing
That's my dream 
and with the help of other likeminded people that's exactly what I intend to manifest.
I am looking for happy, enlightened, intelligent people who want the same from life as I do.
If that sounds like you then
WELCOME !!!!! and please read on

Hi, my name is Kathy Coles and I have a dream, a mission in fact. This dream has driven me for some years now, and although I have been working on it gradually in my own way, the time has come to share my ideas with others in the hope of finding some like-minded people who share a similar dream.

For some years I have had a dream of creating some sort of community where people could be free to live in a self-sustainable society in peace and harmony. I know that probably sounds like a cliché but I truly believe that it is possible. In fact it is my mission to make it possible.  My vision is of a community of like minded people co-existing on a vast property of abundant beauty, living in harmony with nature and each other. Where everyone is able to contribute in their own individual way to creating a society based on love, trust, honesty and integrity. Where individuality and privacy is respected but with all the benefits that community life has to offer, close at hand. 
Our homes will be comfortable, beautiful expressions of who we are using eco friendly building materials where possible, alternative energy and waste treatment products. The use of fossil fuels and vehicles run on them will be minimal with a view to eliminating them completely as new technologies become available. I believe vehicles will still have to be used to commute to work and schools etc until we are fully set up as self sustaining and income producing entity with our own schools and the like.
This dream has been at the forefront of my thoughts for years although never more so than after reading a series of books by a Russian author called “The Ringing Cedars” These books simply confirmed all the thoughts I already had and everything I have already learnt, but expanded on them in a way that I wouldn’t have believed was possible. To the point where, here I am, telling strangers my life story in the hope of connecting with kindred spirits who want the same from their lives as I do.
The character in the books "Anastasia" suggests that every family should have their own hectare of land to create their own "Kin (family) domain" and "space of love" where they create a beatiful living landscape of trees, forest and fruit producing vegetation. One that can nurture their family and be passed on to remind their Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of who they were and the place they had created for them. The implications of this in contributing to both the healing of our planet and the healing of families is almost unbelievable.
Whether you believe these books to be fact or fiction, you can't help but get something from them. They are extraordinary. In Russia where the author lives, and in surrounding countries, there are now hundreds of these villages being set up. Here in the Western world we are a few years behind as the books have only recently (April 2008) been completely translated into English. I also tend to think we are a little bit slower to catch on to these ideas as we have become very attached to our creature comforts, irrespective and relatively unconcerned about their effects on our planet!

Please understand that I, like most people also like a fair amount of comfort and am not ready to go back to the stoneage. I do believe though that with the technologies available already and those that will soon inevitably appear, we can make an extremely comfortable life for ourselves with little or no carbon footprint.
My idea was originally born from the realization firstly, that we have moved so far away from nature and working in harmony with Mother Earth, that we are systematically destroying our planet and in the process, ourselves, and secondly that most people are not TRULY happy living the life that they are now. No doubt it is a reflection of the materialistic society we live in which keeps us ever on that treadmill of working and trying to accumulate wealth and material possessions. For the greatest percentage of people, escape from this seems impossible and the constant struggle tears at our emotions, increases our stress levels and negative emotions and in the process, our susceptibility to illness and disease. 
One of the best known sayings which is constantly bandied around is “Money doesn’t buy Happiness” and although most people would whole-heartedly agree, very few are be prepared to give up on the chase for wealth and financial security. I have often wondered why it is so important to be able to show the world what we own. MY house, MY car, MY boat, MY caravan, MY holiday home. How many caravans sit around to be used once or twice a year? How many boats sit at births and pontoons costing a fortune only to rarely even start their engines? If we were smart wouldn’t we pool our resources with a few other families and be able to share the experience of all of these things instead of just being able to afford one or two of them? While we are on the subject, just how much is enough? How much do you need before you are prepared to stop and enjoy your life? One million, two million, maybe more. And by the time you have reached that goal, presuming you are still alive, are you still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy your hard earned wealth or have you wasted your best years in just getting there? 
I can’t tell anyone whether they are truly happy or not as it is a very personal thing that each person can only know for themselves. I guess a lot of people don’t really even think about it too much. Life keeps us so busy and fills our minds with so much “stuff” that we just keep on keeping on. When you really think about the last time you reached one of those financial goals, the new car, that lounge suite, those new shoes, how did you feel? Happy, proud, successful, and rightfully so. Now - can you remember how long that feeling lasted? Months, weeks, days, hours? How long before that feeling wore off and you were planning your next purchase in order to feel that satisfaction again? I’ve learnt that the satisfaction obtained from the purchase of material possessions is, in general, very short lived.  In reality lasting satisfaction, happiness and contentment will never be achieved by material possessions alone. I think we use these things as a sort of buy off to enable us to feel fleeting moments of happiness instead of aiming for what could bring us lasting happiness.

Obviously this system suits some people and most definitely works in favour of the “powers that be”. Keeping the average person on that endless treadmill serves it’s purpose of keeping the masses segregated with the “haves” and “have nots”, not to mention race, colour and religion which further segregate the people. Have you ever sat and wondered just what the masses could achieve if they were to overcome all of their differences and pull together for one common goal? I have. We have all sat around for years at Bar-B-Q’s and get-togethers complaining about Governments, Councils, Bureaucrats, taxes, fuel prices, rules and regulations, etc, etc. The thing we just can’t seem to get our heads around is the fact that these individuals are the minority. Not only that but most of them are meant to work for us, the majority. and should the rest of us pull together and pool our resources we would be an almighty force to be reckoned with. If we could just get over our differences and realize that we are all the same. We all have two eyes, two legs, feelings, emotions and desires, we all cry, we all bleed and we are all searching for happiness. As for me, I long ago recognized the treadmill for what it is and I can tell you that I am sick and tired of it and..............
I want to get off!!!!!!

So how do we get off?  It starts with a thought. The thought is the most powerful thing in the Universe. EVERYTHING starts with a thought and from there, given the right conditions, is made manifest. A car, house, computer, guitar, rubbish bin, even a skyscraper, everything STARTS with a thought. The best thing about the power of thought is that the more you think about it with desire and action and the more others do the same, the harder the universe works to bring it to you. So turn off your TV sets and stop reading the papers and putting your “attention” into those dramas and making them a part of your life, and start focusing on what it is you DO want in this life. After all, individually I can’t change the world and neither can you, but we can both make a start by changing ourselves. “Be the change you want to see in the World” is one of my favourite sayings, in fact I have it on my bathroom mirror to remind me every day.

If enough people have the same clear vision of living a happy, fulfilling life, free from fear, and creating a wonderful future for our children, then it can’t help but arrive. I recognized long ago that I am a “lightworker” and my job in this lifetime is to help to bring Heaven to Earth. I know it is possible and I know it will happen. The only question is when? And that is up to us. The main thing is to make a start.

I truly believe we are heading into a time where we are about to learn some very big lessons about what is truly important in our lives and I know we will come to the conclusion that no amount of money can buy what is  the most important. Have you ever considered what would happen if everything material that you had worked so hard for was suddenly gone in some natural disaster and you survived? Where would you go? What would you do? How would you feed yourself or your family? Even if you still had your prized possessions, what good are they to you if you can’t feed yourself or your children? We are all so dependant on the “system” that many have not even considered an alternative, or for that matter, the need for one.
If on the other hand you lived in a community which operated in harmony with nature, was completely self sufficient for power and waste facilities, and could provide the majority of your own food, do you think you would feel a little more at ease? I know I would. Let alone the love and support of a close knit community. The beauty of Anastasias idea of every family having a hectare of land is that each will have his own privacy yet be part of a diverse community which works, plays, creates and socialises together. Yet you are still not limited to that. It never ceases to amaze me how many people live virtually on top of each other in the cities and suburbs, yet don't even know who their neighbours are.
I used to think that the solution was to "escape" out to the country and create all this for myself. After visiting some friends who have recently purchased 100 acres, which is lovely, I realised that firstly I don't want that much land to have to look after, secondly, I want to be close enough to my neighbours to pop over for a cuppa and thirdly I don't want to cut myself off from society. On the contrary, I want to be a part of a community of people who learn and grow together.
Next I thought I would need to buy a 100 hectare block myself and work out not only how to pay for it, but then how to share it with others. Finally just recently I came to understand that the first step is to find the people first. This then makes the land easily affordable, especially when you consider the alternative of buying on your own. The ever rising interest rates and home prices are fast destroying many peoples hopes of owning their own home, short of moving out to the sticks and doing it alone. I envisage that the land cost component will be comparatively minimal, possibly $30-50,000, making it affordable to a lot more people. 

Obviously there are already some Eco Villages set up in different places. There is one at Currumbin on the Gold Coast which is awesome. I went there recently and had the grand tour with Martin. The main problem that I can see is that the cost is still an obstacle for many with the land being the best part of $500,000, with the cost of building on top of that. On the other hand it is very close to everything including the beach and major shopping centres. A little too close maybe for my liking but I'm sure appealing to some.  
At the moment I am steering towards setting up in inlandNorthern NSWor South East Queensland. There are a multitude of beautiful properties there which are fertile and still very affordable. 
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