I have a dream
Building a community of lighted souls living in harmony with Planet Earth.
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What I have learnt
First and foremost I have learnt that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. By that I mean that I am eternal. My “soul” or “spirit” has been around for a very long time and will still be around long after my body has given up on this earthly life.
I believe that the key to life is Happiness and the search for it is the underlying motive for all that we do. 
I have learnt that I am here to experience life on this wonderful planet and to learn and grow from that experience. Ultimately through all of my life experiences and the knowledge gained I am striving to become more “God like”. (I’ve still got a long way to go but I figure we are all a work in progress)
I’ve learnt that God is me and I am God. That may sound arrogant to some people but I believe God is that supreme creator energy that created all of us. I believe his/her energy is in everyone and everything on our planet and therefore we are one and the same and can never be separate. 
I’ve also learnt that I don’t need to go to church or belong to any religion in order to speak to God. He/She is everywhere and with me always. 
I believe that our purpose in living this life is to discover just that. That we are all creator Gods, and with God, we co-create our lives every day with every thought we have, everything we say, and everything we do.
Every second of every day

In everything I think, do and say,

I am creating the person I want to be

And the person I am happy for the world to see.
The law of attraction works throughout the universe. I attract that which I put my attention to. Therefore I choose not to watch the news or read the newspapers. I figure there are more than enough people who don’t yet understand this concept, putting their energy into that and unwittingly feeding the negativity in the world. I work at putting my energy into creating a wonderful future for myself, my children and our planet.
I know that my thoughts and my belief system create my reality therefore I am 100% responsible for my own life as I am constantly creating it with my own thoughts and actions. There is no one else to place blame on if things aren’t what I’d like them to be. I need only look at me. In this way I take responsibility for my own life and teach my children to do the same.

I believe nothing happens by accident. Everything is meant to be. Even events that seem to be out of my control are divinely orchestrated in order for me to learn something that I have chosen to learn in this lifetime. The important thing about every event in my life be it good or bad, is how I deal with it and what I have gained from the experience. 
I have discovered that what you fear is what you draw towards you courtesy of the law of attraction.
I believe in moderation in all things. Fanaticism in any area of life from health to food to religion to rigid beliefs is a reflection of fear of the consequences of not doing what you are fanatical about. I have seen this personally through experiences with two of my closest loved ones who did everything possible to “do the right thing” as dictated by health professionals, media and the like, yet still suffered massive strokes and heart attacks.
Again I believe that the key to life is Happiness. If it truly makes you happy and you can do it or be it or eat it without fear or guilt then DO IT.
Nobody else is responsible for my happiness. My happiness is purely my responsibility - If I am not happy then I need to make changes so I am.
I have learnt that holding on to negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, jealousy and hatred poison the body and manifest in physical ailments so I do my best to allow, forgive, and move on. I have also learnt that there are natural cures out there for most things but you won’t find out about them from your doctor.

I believe that parenting is THE most important job in the world and that we should all learn as much about it as possible in order to teach our children - through example and through words - what is required of them to become empowered and loving adults. It always amazes me that when we are pregnant we attend anti-natal courses over the months prior to the birth in order to prepare us for one day in our life (or for some a few hours), yet no lessons or courses teaching us how to bring up our children for the whole of their childhood years. I have been most impressed by the “Super Nanny” programs on TV and can only imagine how wonderful it would have been to have learnt these techniques earlier for bringing up my own children. Indeed if parents-to-be were to learn these techniques prior to having children we might well be able to eliminate many of the problems and violence in the world today (not to mention the terrible twos).
I cannot for the life of me believe that we are the only intelligent life form in our universe, let alone the countless other universes out there. Apart from the fact that there have been far too many reported sightings and experiences to completely dismiss the possibility. I find it humorous that we as humans who still murder, rape, pollute and go to war could possibly be arrogant enough to truly think that we are the be all and end all. And if so, how sad. I also think that if these beings from other planets had sinister intentions that they could have long ago invaded and taken over our planet – after all, from all accounts, they certainly have the technology to do so. 
On the contrary, I have long believed that there are intelligent sentient beings all over our universe and beyond. Many of them watch over and assist us on our journeys and others make contact and send uplifting, inspirational and informational messages through individuals here and now on our planet.

Even though I have never had the need or urge to join any particular religion, the one thing I do envy them is the place where they get together. I know that there are hundreds and thousands of "Lightworkers" out there who, like me, have been learning, growing and understanding life without the restrictive views of a set religion. The only problem is that we are all over the place. Well .........IT IS TIME! Time to pull together to bring about the positive changes that have the ability to totally transform our world from one of hatred, greed, poverty, sadness and negativity to one where we all live in peace and harmony with our planet and our fellow man. One where everyone has shelter and food and a safe and beautiful place to bring up a family.
Although I very much admire the people out there who are trying to right the wrongs of the world, I think there are far more people out there thinking that they are powerless to change the world, so do nothing. Individually we can make a difference but we can't beat the system, we can only start with ourselves. But if we pull together and lead by example we can show others that a life of peace and happiness is possble - here and now. And you know what? They just might follow.
Please understand that I don't need you to agree with everything that I have said in these pages. I don't have all of the answers and am always open to others ideas and philosophies.  I respect that we are all individuals but I do feel that we will need to find a fair bit of common ground in order to make this work. Namely - that we all want the same thing! If you feel that any of this makes sense to you and you would like to know more then please contact me.
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