I have a dream
Building a community of lighted souls living in harmony with Planet Earth.

I have just recently (Nov 2010) attended Dolores Cannon's Quantum healing course and I believe it is THE MOST EXCITING THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED !!!!!!
Please watch the following video.

Dolores Cannon

If you would like to find a facilitator in your area go to 


There are many truthbringers here today and following is a list of YouTube videos you may like to watch when you have time. You will find them so much more worthwhile of your attention and time than the rectangular box in your loungeroom. ENJOY!!!!

Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther 

more Little Grandmother 

Gregg Braden - The science of miracles 

Bruce Lipton - Boilogy of perception 

Blossom Channellings 

If you are interested in more information. The following are some websites you may be interested in.
www.abc.net.au/rn/utopias/resources/essays.htm#top Interesting documents on studies of Intentional Communities, Eco Villages and Multiple Occupancy.
www.ringingcedars.com.au to order the books
www.ringingcedarsforum.com to read messages from other people setting up "Kin Domains" all over the world 
Websites for channelled messages

 Abraham Hicks

Galactic Channellings 

Natural Health

Byron Katie - the work

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